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Steve is an excellent IT professional who works well with tight deadlines and demanding clients! Steve can deliver the goods under pressure and works well in a team; I would be happy to recommend Steve to you for IT and related programming works.
Becky Toal
Managing Director
Crowberry Consulting Ltd.

About Us

Steve Howie BSc(Hons) MA DipM MCIM has been involved in IT for the past 21 years, from before the age of a computer on every employees desk and the invention of the internet to today's world where everyone carries hicgh technology in their pocket.

Educated with a degree in Mathemetics and Computer Science from The University of Liverpool and a postgraduate degree in Marketing from the Bristol Business School Steve is able to offer both high level technical skills combined with business accumen.

Steve has particular experience in understanding and using IT to meet business objectives, having worked both as an IT professional and an international marketing manager.

For a confidential, no-commitment discussion of you needs just call 01743 818 471 or visit the Contact Us page.

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