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Steve is an excellent IT professional who works well with tight deadlines and demanding clients! Steve can deliver the goods under pressure and works well in a team; I would be happy to recommend Steve to you for IT and related programming works.
Becky Toal
Managing Director
Crowberry Consulting Ltd.

Welcome to Howie Associates

We are an IT consultancy that aims to help your business achieve its goals through the intelligent use of Information technology.

We can assist you to place tools in the hands of customers, staff and suppliers which help both them and you. We can help you do this through guidance and advice on how IT can meet the needs of both you and your other stakeholders.

In particular we can help you in the areas of:

  • Internet trading
  • Social Networking
  • Integrating back end processes with front end internet based information
  • Using the internet to provide customer services and supplier communication
  • Providing support through chat scripts
  • Examining analytical data available from various sources including
    • phone system stats
    • web logs
    • customer and transaction databases
  • General networking and business back-up processes

Indeed, anywhere where IT could be used to improve costs and services for internal or external users our skill set could be applied.

If you have a problem and feel IT could help you, but you struggle to understand the techno-babble then feel free to contact us.

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IT Consultancy

Internet Shopping
Social Networking
Internet as Business Infrastructure
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