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Steve is an excellent IT professional who works well with tight deadlines and demanding clients! Steve can deliver the goods under pressure and works well in a team; I would be happy to recommend Steve to you for IT and related programming works.
Becky Toal
Managing Director
Crowberry Consulting Ltd.


Our key service to you is our experience both technically and within management. Many IT professionals have only been IT professionals. We occupy a unique position as a bridge between the two worlds of the IT super literate and management. With management experience in various companies we speak your language, and understand your needs.

Internet Infrastructure and Services

We understand and can advise upon the use of the internet to meet needs of all your external contacts, be they customers, distributors, suppliers or others such a journalists and shareholders.

For many the term "internet" just means online shopping, but for a business it can be so much more. Wherever your company needs to contact and communicate the internet can help you lower your costs and improve your services. Consider the following areas you may use to improve your business;
  • 24/7 ordering for customers and distributors
  • Order tracking
  • Closer supplier integration through information provision and collection
  • Alternatives to the phone for technical support and complaint handling
  • Provision of information for customer, distributors, shareholders
  • IP based distributed telephony
  • Mobile Apps.

Database Services

Many companies hold data across the organisation in many forms, all of which can be considered databases of valuable information. Spreadsheets, small departmental databases, transactional and web shopping databases often contain the same information, but are maintained and created seperately.

Often chunks of data created at great cost in one area of the organisation could be used to benefit another if only it was available. Also, historical data is held if formats that are difficult to use, and a little knowledge can release their potential.

We can offer;

  • Cross organisation data review
  • Data design
  • Data extraction and upgrade
  • Data transfer from transactional back-end system to front end customer/distributor accessed systems.
  • Data analysis

Networking and IT Infrastructure

Although we do not provide IT hardware directly we are often called upon to provide independent advice and help regarding proposed IT infrastructure. Unlike suppliers who often have a particular solution to peddle, we can help businesses assess their needs independently, and provide options that may meet needs. These can then be used as part of a tendering process, or to help a business choose between solutions already proposed.


We are happy to work as a sub-contractor on projects, should your needs require it.

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